Night Song


Summer, not a bit of breeze
Neon signs are shining through the tired trees
Lovers walking to and fro
Everyone has someone and a place to go

Listen, hear the cars go past
They don’t even see me, flying by so fast
Moving, going who knows where
Only thing I know is I’m not going there

 - Charles Strouse; Lee Adams.

Add Media

L1062986-EditWe all see the button there. Imploring us to choose what we should post. What we should reveal to the world about the state of our art, work, and minds. I have probably a hundred images in my media library that were uploaded with the intentions of being shown but then something stopped me.

Usually it’s not just ambivalence about the image itself. But there’s a lot of that. I think what holds me up more than anything else is the matter of sequencing the images as a group which I think is always so key as to how they will or even should be seen or perceived. That is the hard part. And when images don’t go or make sense with other images, and in my case that’s probably most of them, it’s very hard to find a way to post them that works in my head.

Believe it or not. lol. But this blog has always been a reflection of those kinds of choices and rejections. I have to try to let go of that for a bit because I’m uploading now so many images to my WordPress media library that I am NOT using that I’m losing track of whatever plans I had for them or weak grip I had on something called organization.

So the point is, I suppose, to look for a lot of images and posts with images that don’t necessarily look like they should go together. At best. And thank you everyone who follows this blog and who ‘likes’ my posts or comments. I very much appreciate each and every one of you.

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