1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend! And thank you SO much for the recognition and super kind and well appreciated words. Please note these shots are from a new kit. 😉 Nikon. After 5 years without a Nikon and happily shooting my Leica stuff, I grabbed up a new D750 with these great price reductions and Nikons twice (if I remember correctly) yearly sales. They used to make you sent for rebate. So most of these shots are a little bit out of focus but that’s because I set my camera up for events… I will be doing some this holiday season. Of course, I’ll make some adjustments so that I use or utilize all of the great auto focus capability for street stuff. Anyway. This 750 is the Nikon camera if my dreams. So much like the tiny old SLRs or the newer F5 and stuff. Not at all like the big monster-sized DSLRs we all came to hate. This is truly sweet.

      Anyway. Haven’t forgotten about those b&w shots I was supposed to send you. Just a little disorganized right through here.

      Thank you again and enjoy the holiday.


      1. Don’t sweat it, Don. Send them along when you have the moment. 🙂

        And enjoy your D750! If I’d known you were interested in one, I’d have offered you mine. It’s barely used … I bought it a month before the Leica SL was announced, and since I bought the SL I haven’t touched it. But the D750 is a fine camera … and far more sensibly priced if I didn’t already have a huge collection of Leica R lenses.


      2. Oh you lucky dog. That is a HELL of a camera. Love the loom from those R lenses. Enjoy. I got my D750 for only $1795 though. But i’m glad to see you at least were impressed enough with the D750 to grab one. I was totally out of the loop in terms of ANYTHING Nikon related. Last two Nikons were the D3 and the D700. Then nothing for 5 years. But this new D500 got me reading and then i started to become aware of the 750. And the reviews blew me away. So… my big concern is the overall ‘look’ of the shots after shooting Leica Summilux and Summicron lenses etc for all these years. Especially color. But these shots here in this first post with the new kit puts a big part of that concern at ease. We’ll see. ;-). Take care!

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