1. Thank you so much, Dave. My new lens is opening up a complete new world to me. It’s a remake of the old Noct-Nikkor 58mm lens from the 1970s which was made for astronomical photography and the new one certainly brings a capability to shooting a city at night that I’ve never had before. Hasn’t really been my thing but I am STOKED at the possibilities going forward and am planning to be on the boulevards of LA after sundown as much as I can in the future. What I’ve been able to get hand held so far is amazing to my eyes. We’ll see.

      Thank you for your visit and comment and the great compliment.


    1. Wow. You feel exactly what I feel about this set and that last image. It is by far the strongest and most evocative image of the four. I put it last only because it ‘feels’ last, like an ending. That is an entrance ramp to the 405 freeway, either the busiest freeway in the country or the second busiest to the 10. That shot captures, I think, the feeling that, for those taking it, you are on a launch pad or runway to some hi-speed mode of travel. All of which is the case.

      I used to talk a lot about the evening light in spring here in California and I called it ‘blue time.’ I’ve since learned a lot of places around the world claim to have a unique blue evening light. But here it can be so translucent and glowing. This is March and these are blue light pictures taken just after sundown, so there is some natural light in these shots, but it’s also overcast and raining to it’s a dark and muted and very moody look.

      Anyway. Thank you so much for your very spot-on perspective on these shots. 😉


      1. You’re very welcome 😀 It’s really interesting to know that I see it the same way you see it 😀 I’m so sorry I only just found your message here, but I’m so glad to come back and enjoy these pictures all over again. Really amazing. This is a set I’d love to buy from your shop. ❤

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