1. Hi Donald,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while & I’m really impressed with your images, thanks so much for sharing! Being an avid fan of Nikon’s 58mm f/1.4G myself (even created a dedicated website “fifty8mm.com” for it … ;-), I was curious if you still use your 50 f/1.4 summilux and how you compare it to the 58mm? I seem to have a similar history to yours: My film days a long time ago ended with M6, M4P and the 50’lux (among others) – Man, that thing was magic with Tri-x 😉 looking forward to hearing from you, many thanks & best regards, Hendrik

    1. Hi Hendrik! Sorry for the slow response but I just got the notification of your comment this morning. Amazing that you have a site named after this lens that I now use and love and I have a site named after my previous 50mm love. 😉 No I don’t use the Leica 50 1.4 anymore. My M-E is just sitting now in a drawer. I can’t even think of using it or post processing the images. I am completely that in love with the look of the shots from my D750 (thinking of getting a second one with the great deals right now) and from this just amazing 58mm. The lens is everything I’ve ever wanted in a photographic optic and more. The combination still blows me away. Anyway. Great hearing from you and thank you for your kind words and for visiting and I’ll be visiting your site as well as soon as I actually wake up this morning. 😉

      Take care


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