Hello world!

“”Someone had written something in the fresh snow. Who could it have been – the milkman, a boy, some stranger? And what would he have written – an obscenity, a calumny? What the stranger had written was: Hello World!”‘ – John Cheever

Just now feel the need for one of these great free and freeing FREE WordPress.com blog spaces. I had one up and running during the last election cycle and loved everything about it.

Okay, I built my first web site in 1998. My first photo-website, drivebyla, back in 2001. blah blah blah. I’ve ventured into the full-fledged photo web hosting/archive services. I even had a WordPress.org site with a fancy theme that was integrated into the photo archiving site. And yes, snore, I’ve got a Tumblr blog. (Seriously, I like Tumblr just fine.)

So I’ve been AROUND, if you know what I mean. But I’ve come back to WordPress.com because it feels right and I guess I never progressed in terms of making something more ‘robust’ and substantial actually click for me. (Or for anyone else, which really was the larger problem.)

I love this. I’m a photographer with lots of pictures to share. But I have WORDS, too. Pictures AND words. And as much as the photography is important to me, the words are even more important.

How it feels to bring my thoughts into a writing and publishing interface, how intuitive and easy it is to make the layout of text look the way I want it to look… how effortless this all needs to be in order for me to feel like coming back regularly and punching out work? These things all come free to me here on WordPress.com, but they are priceless. It all feels right and right from the start.

So keep looking here and look out! I’m going to use words and pictures to tell many stories that I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time but never felt comfortable enough with whatever interface I was using to actually get it really going.

WordPress. Thank you. You helped me get my voice out there with a classy polished presentation during the 2008 Democratic primary and now I’ve come home to change the subject from politics to everything else under the sun and a whole lot more.


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