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The Real Cost of Cheap Shirts – The New York Times

Bangladesh, which is the largest exporter of clothing after China, is able to save on manufacturers’ costs by paying one of the lowest minimum wages in the world and by often turning a blind eye to the laws, agreements and standards that would protect workers and the environment but raise prices.

The Real Cost of Cheap Shirts: The New York Times

Photographs by Daniel Rodrigues

Text by Cláudia Brandão


Where the Amish Go on Vacation – The New Yorker

Absolutely stunning photography by Dina Litovsky for The New Yorker. Great untold story as well.

Each winter, for close to a century now, hundreds of Amish and Mennonite families have travelled from their homes in icy quarters of the U.S. and Canada to Pinecraft, a small, sunny neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida. Arriving on chartered buses specializing in the transportation of “Plain people” from areas such as Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Holmes County, Ohio, they rent modest bungalows and stay for weeks, or sometimes months, at a time.

Source: Where the Amish Go on Vacation

‘Berenice Abbott’ – The New York Times

She returned to New York and, in just one stage of her long career, became a revolutionary chronicler of the modern metropolis. Her pulsing photograph “Nightview, New York,” taken from an upper-floor window of the Empire State Building in 1932, remains among the most widely recognized images we have of the city.

Working in the Bowery, Abbott made photographs like “Blossom Restaurant,” in which a handwritten menu sprawls like graffiti across a restaurant window in 1935. (An entree of pig’s knuckles is 25 cents.) The poet Charles Simic has written that he could survive a long solitary confinement if he could study this photograph at leisure.

“Berenice Abbott” Captures a Large and Star-Studded Life – New York Times