street photography

Doctor My Eyes

Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what is wrong
Was I unwise to leave them open for so long

‘Cause I have wandered through this world
And as each moment has unfurled
I’ve been waiting to awaken from these dreams

People go just where they will
I never noticed them until I got this feeling
That it’s later than it seems

Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what you see
I hear their cries
Just say if it’s too late for me

~Jackson Browne

Two From Western

Whenever I get down on LA, which is more often than I’d like to admit, it’s always helpful to take a ride down Western Ave. to remind myself why I live here. To most people in this town that would probably sound ridiculous. I think it reflects my background and I’ll leave that part right there. But there’s a dignity and a realness there that hasn’t changed in the 30 years I’ve lived in Los Angeles. Seeing it all again, feeling it, never fails to change my channel from the endless and often repulsive extreme affluence loop of the Westside. Anyway.

Broadway Woman

Down on Broadway
There’s a woman
Name of the woman
Broadway Woman

Funky Broadway – Arlester Christian


Ha ha ha! That’s from David Letterman’s writers, by the way. Runner up was, “Hey Dad, thanks for teaching me to smoke.”

Just my way of saying, Happy Father’s Day!!!