20131108-L1034903I don’t know if I can explain the title here… or if I should even try. It’s just the whole beyond carefree package of LA woman. Age? Ambiguous. Toned and striding up a tonier part of the Sunset Strip in the soft California winter light. Everything that her clothes and confidence and the zip code she’s owning right there conjures up for me exactly the girl I always pictured when I heard that great Phil Collins song.


  1. Lol! Only in L.A. does a girl where pumps like that….she’ll be like me, crying in pain in a few more years, don’t you know…that is great shot of the air as well, my friend, proof positive that we are making strides in cleaning up the nasty smog we used to be so well-known for.

  2. great shot and now the song wil be stuck in my head LOLs…
    I noticed the cleaner than usual air first …
    great photo, very L.A
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. thank you, maryrose! it’s not a bad song but it does get stuck in your head.

      the air in LA is pretty much beautiful at this time of the year. this is the good LA that doesn’t quite make it into the national consciousness.

      thanks again!


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