Plan B 2.0

I had a plan for this blog. As I accumulated blog-worthy shots I would dole them out one at a time, one a day, each with a pithy title. This wasn’t my original plan for 50lux, however. It was more like Plan B. The original plan? Well. That’s a longer story.

There’s a big problem with Plan B. It creates a slow and boring website. And it’s tedious beyond belief for me.

But the idea is that there are 365 days in the year… that requires at least 365 blog-worthy photographs every year… I’m not going to be out shooting every day or maybe even every week… so there’s always been the concern that one day I’m going to run out of pictures.

Well, as much as that’s likely to happen and it is, I’ve decided to jettison that kind of thinking and just do what the hell I want. So the new plan, Plan B 2.0 you could call it, is to post a lot more pictures. Bunches of pictures.

Not all of these pictures represent the best of my efforts and successes. They are not all great pictures. They might not all tell much of a story.


But most of them should.


Not all of the images that I post will reflect the endless tireless patience (which I don’t have) for post processing. There will be noise! 😉 And underexposures! (especially if they help to capture the mood or level of light of the actual scene.)


They certainly will not be carefully composed. I can be a pathological composer. But for the sake of capturing something as dynamic and alive as the city of Los Angeles… I’ll sacrifice some points in the street photographers’ world rankings to bring back images that do the complicated things that I want my images to do.

If the moment is about an expression that is revealing or a relationship that is interesting and the image I snap captures that moment… then I won’t hold back showing that image here on the blog simply because it is not also a perfect and carefully thought out alignment of compositional elements.


Anyway. I’ll be working my way backwards from the latest to the earliest from this year. When I run out, I’ll stall with some pithy discussion or reblog until I can go out and grab some more images.

Next year, I sincerely hope to start using the blog in some of the ways I imagined using it when I started it. But that’s a story for another day. Until then… as they used to say in the lumberjack trade (in cartoons) look out below!

20131127-L1036403 20131127-L1036434 20131127-L1036440 20131127-L1036448 20131130-L1036854


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