Meet the Newest Member of My Family


No, not Rika, my main Leica pimp at BelAir Camera! It’s a new lens. The 75mm APO-Summicron 2.0 ASPH. Here NOT shown at its best, unfortunately. NO not because of Rika. Behave yourselves! It’s because I shot at ISO 160 which brought my shutter speed down to an arrogant 1/30th of a second. Too slow for my excited hands in that light. So you don’t really see the incredible sharpness of the glass wide open. But… uh… you do see the color and contrast of this incredible tool. Thank you and good morning!


    1. Regarding lenses. This thing may have me retiring (selling) my 50 Summilux. They are like twins but one grew longer and isn’t quite as bright but is still brilliant. If that makes sense. When they created the 50 ‘Lux Leica experimented with a front element that would create the 75mm focal length. So this APO-Cron was created from the 50 Lux and the 50 Lux is an unlabeled APO lens. But jeez… all that mumbo jumbo aside… the LOOK is very VERY freakishly similar. Wonderfully so. But longer and a little bit thicker. Guys should be able to identify with what that means. 😉

      But now you pair this lens with something on the opposite side of 50. But fast. 35 Summilux would be ideal. Or a 28 ‘Cron. Two M-Es. It boggles my mind the capability of having two digital Ms with both a 35 and a 75mm lens at the ready. I would have the confidence to take on weddings with those two cameras. At least photographically. I know what I can and would do. Now getting in shape to handle that much stress… 😉

      Anyway. Good luck with your lens searches… Flickriver is a great place to look at images taken with a particular lens… they have a Lens Explorer feature… just pick your brand and model…

      1. Thanks so much for the good info and link..Weddings , I can not do as I would be horrified if my camera jammed, broke etc..Imagine telling the happy couple there will be no pictures
        I’ll let you know what I decide to purchase, heading over to flickriver now!
        Thx again!!

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