1. I did not know who he was at first, but now his picture is all over the media. This is a big story.

      2. Big story. But huge in our household as well. This has been a really hard four days. Invested a lot of love and tears over the years for this very often exciting sad sack perennial laughingstock of a franchise. Always greatly disliked the owner. But I’m a product of a steel mill town. We’ve always disliked the owners of everything. lol. Didn’t know (by miles) that he was this bad. Spent most of the last four days seething that the league was moving to slow and would be too soft. Wow was I wrong. Roller coaster of emotions. Thought the team might be destroyed by this and it very easily could. But now all that worry is behind us.

  1. Why american heroes always have those shoooort haircuts, though they wear glasses?

    Asian heroes like Hua Mulan have long hair.

    Or like my personal hero, the whitehaired witch Ni-Chang in Forbidden Kingdom:

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