Jessica Alba’s Back


I attended a luncheon on Friday that had originally been scheduled at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. Well, as the principle owner of the Pink Palace is the Sultan of Brunei, and Brunei has just passed laws permitting the stoning of women for… well… we can stop right there. What else do you think anyone here in LA needed to know? Event cancellations become the norm for the Beverly Hills Hotel and this particular event, The Helping Hands 2014 Mother of the Year awards, was moved to the Beverly Hilton.

Anyway, Jessica Alba was awarded 2014 Mother of the Year. We all sat down and ate our lunch and I, of course, had no idea that the movie star was sitting about ten feet directly behind me. I was there as a guest and I couldn’t stalk the situation for shots or even make myself obvious to anyone. My Leica M-E is discreet, that’s for sure. But I wasn’t able to get up from my seat and take images.

Nevertheless, I was able to grab a handful but certainly nothing to write home about. I sure hope the shots at least get you in the room for a moment. 😉

Thank you!


L1053587-Edit L1053590-Edit L1053594-Edit


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