I’m Dreaming of Another Time of Year


We’ve been happy for a change this August. The weather. Now it’s finally blown up in our faces and Los Angeles is doing its convincing yearly imitation of the surface of Venus. I found this shot from about five years ago. It’s of the Cajon Pass at the base of the Sierra Nevadas. December. Snow on the mountain tops and in streaks down the sides.

This was shot through the window on our way to Vegas for Christmas.

I like to roll the window down just a crack and hear the wind whistling in while we speed on our way. The sound and the cold keeps me awake and reminds me of when I was a kid and you couldn’t escape that noise coming from the ill-fitting side vent windows. Remember those? Hope not.

When you stop to fill your tank and grab a Coke out on the high desert, the cold wind pushes you around like the insignificant thing you are. And I fucking love it.

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