Minor White at the Getty Center in Los Angeles


Donald Barnat – 50lux.com

Minor White: Manifestations of the Spirit

Date: Daily through October 19, 2014,
Location: West Pavilion, Lower Level, Getty Center

Admission: Free

Controversial, misunderstood, and sometimes overlooked, Minor White (American 1908–1976) was one of the great photographers of the twentieth century. His photographs demonstrate an understanding of the aesthetic and technical aspects of photography as well as its potential to be a medium of spiritual transformation. White’s work as an artist, teacher, editor, and critic exerted a powerful influence on a generation of photographers and still resonates today. This retrospective exhibition features White’s masterpiece, the eleven-print sequence Sound of One Hand (1965).

“By the end of his career — he died at 68 in 1976 — Whites pictures were abstract, black-and-white closeups of rocks, wood and water. The gleaming images were spiritual and intense. He arranged them in sequences, leading viewers from one picture to another, slowing us down and forcing us to see connections and relationships between the shapes.In a 1957 photograph, a discarded water tank, weathered by the elements, looks like an encrusted snail shell. “Look at how the light is caressing the rim at the top of this circular object. Its just gorgeous,” Martineau says.These days, everyone is a photographer …” … but is everyone a good photographer?” Opie asks with a laugh. “Does everyone spend their life thinking about it? … Every bit of their love and energy and relationship to the medium? Thats the question.”Thats what Minor White did, Martineau says.”He worked very hard his entire life,” he says. “He was practically living at poverty levels until the very end of his life. He was completely committed in mind, body and soul to living a life in photography.”

via Minor White, Who Lived A Life In Photographs, Saw Images As Mirrors : NPR.

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