I’ll Leave You With These Four…

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Hello, everyone. I’ve been posting an image or more on my blog here almost every day for the last couple of years. I have to say… it may not have always looked like it but it really was a lot of effort. And it has now become very hard because while I’m still shooting street photography and uploading images I don’t feel about them the same way I felt about much of the stuff I’ve posted over the last two years.

Giving myself a little credit, maybe it’s not just about feelings but about the kinds of critical judgments that everyone who shoots and chooses their better shots makes every day. When I look back at much of the work I’ve posted in the last few years I feel it’s been pretty good. I’m proud of it even now. So I’m going to just trust myself and wake up to the reality that I’m not producing what I want to at this time and I’m not going to force the issue by posting images I’m not completely behind.

I also want to free my mind up to pursue some other things that photography has pushed to the back burner and I’m anxious and excited to get to work on these other projects. And there are photo projects as well. Anyway, I know I’ve bent ears here before declaring that I was going to do this or do that. But I really am going to take a break from 50lux.com for a good solid amount of time.

Of course, if I get anything really wonderful it will certainly find its way here. And I have it in mind to collect on a special page or even maybe the front page here my favorite shots of the last few years.

I again want to thank every one of you who follow this blog, artists all of you, no doubt, for welcoming my photography into the WordPress world. Hope to be back one of these days with new photography that represents a change in direction for me as an image maker.

Thank you again and I look forward to having more time to visit all of your blogs and take in all of your great works here on WordPress.

Best of luck,


P.S. About these four images…

I went to the Getty Center yesterday morning to see the Minor White exhibition. I’d only seen a small bit of his work prior to finding the article I posted a few days ago announcing the show at the Getty. I actually have a book about his establishing the photography department at Cal Arts. But when I saw that his work was being featured at the Getty I Googled him and took a good look at what came up. I was stunned. I felt a connection to what I was seeing that I can’t really describe.

So we jumped over to the Getty at the first opportunity. I had a feeling the images would effect me and they did. Very much so. The Sound of One Hand sequence made me feel just odd in my stomach it was so representative of some kind of a note or tone that I felt deep in my creative self. Almost jealousy. lol. So I kind of had my world rocked there for a minute.

Then we went upstairs. O mio Dio! Directly upstairs from Minor White was a room full of some of the greatest artistic treasures on the face of the Earth. Degas. Manet. Monet. Cezanne. The one time most expensive painting ever sold at $52M. Van Gogh’s “Irisis”. I can’t describe the effect this all had on me today.

So we went outside and started roaming the exterior areas of the Getty Center. There’s a small brook running through the place over rocks and small waterfalls. I had Minor White’s images in my head and just started shooting, thinking about how I would turn these images into black & whites, like his. But I couldn’t do that. I like them the way they are. I hope you all do, too.

I’ll see you all back here periodically with more photography.

Till then much love and best wishes to everyone…




  1. It’s always a pleasure to view your photos and I have learned from you..Recharging the creative batteries is necessary at times so let’s hope your time away is a fulfilling one. Don’t be a stranger and do post when you can.

    1. Thank you, Six. I agree. I’m excited about the prospect of freeing my mind temporarily of the need to post images here. It’s been great but I need to take that off the radar for a minute. Thank you!

  2. Best wishes to you for awhile. It sounds like it’s the right decision for you right now.

    Let me know if you come back or feel free to visit. I appreciate your work.

    1. Ah. Good movie writer. I hope you’re right there as you’ve figured out at least a part of what I’m going to be doing with my down time!. Thank you and good counting there on the leaves thing. I’m all about rocks though.

  3. Every one needs a break sometimes. I don’t think people realize how much effort goes into posting regularly to a blog. As a fellow artist (writer), I totally understand the need to step away and re-group. I hope you enjoy your time away!

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