Massimilio T. Rezza’s ‘ATEM’: The Art of Images Without Meaning | ASX

© Donald Barnat/ 2015

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills 2015 – © 2015


note: is really IMO the greatest photography website on the planet. can’t even describe what it has meant to me over the years. fascinated by the ideas presented by in this article and thought i would share them here. 

ATEM is something of a cold tome where the images are used as a fleeting embrace or collation of imagery that flickers in and out of the creator’s intent in so much as he does not seem to have one cohesive interest in their distribution. This is very much why the book is a success. It is to use photographs for what they really are, non-representational epitaphs of moments rendered in silver with little meaning when consumed in great amounts by second or third parties. The book is filled with images. It has a DIY aesthetic by design and covertly bargains with the viewer to NOT make a narrative from their collective assembly. This speaks more truth within photography than do a large number of other books currently being published under that age-old headache of “series”.

via Massimilio T. Rezza’s ‘ATEM’: The Art of Images Without Meaning | ASX.

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