A Midlife Crisis Poem

My eternal dream
the taste of your tiger’s tongue
washing me in white fire
In the nape of your neck
my nuzzling face lost

Stabbing against
the give of your breasts
my tongue lives
But your nipples
aggressive daggers
Pierce my heart

I trace with my lips
the length of you
And in the most
tender of moments
slowly you open
yourself to me

My hands grip and paw
at your surrendering self
Your tiger thighs
your tiger’s heart

A diamond glistens
in the Chinese moonlight
Fearless your eyes flash and say
even the devourer falls prey

The seawall cannot hold
against the crashing thunder
The waves, a thousand
dying demons
sizzle in effervescent
liquid and mad, retreat

I bite one last time
at the high flesh there
Tasting blood, the moment
writes itself forever
on our souls

My eternal dream,
my eternal dream.


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