1. This seems rather off your usual track, Don. By contrast to your usual offering, because the two guys are looking directly at you, the engagement is with them on a more personal, intimate basis than with the scene as a whole. Why they’re in their swim trunks or gym shorts, what they’re doing and why they’re taking these photos right now; hmm, it raises some questions.

    I like it, the guys are handsome and the situation is funny, sexy too. But it makes me wonder a bit what your intent is in showing it.

    1. Oh lol. That’s me (on the right) and my best friend Rob when we were 20 years old. On vacation from the steel mill in Virginia Beach. I’m back home right now in Pittsburgh for only the second time in 23 years and haven’t seen or even spoken to him in all that time. So we all were together in a pub the night before and when I came back to my hotel I thought of this shot and posted it to my blog. We watched the Steelers game yesterday and I told him to go to 50lux and he was like… “Was that me when I was young?” Anyway… thanks for visiting and commenting.


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