Event photography

Ten Years Ago: Beverly Hills Hotel Holiday Party 2008

The Model: Part One


When I first got my Leica M9 back in 2010 (I think) it was all just like this. lol. This is actually my Aunt Hilda who is 95 years young. It’s all the Leica magic. Incredible. Okay. But seriously, looking through that viewfinder was every bit the combination of inspiration and orgiastic release I’d always hoped it would be. These shots (one more tomorrow) were taken with a humble (in Leica terms) 35mm Summarit 2.5. That lens was the perfect lens to begin my Leica experience with and honestly, when I look back at images I took with that little wonder I don’t know why I moved on to more expensive Summicrons and Summilux glass. Anyway, hope you enjoy the visual treats as much as I do the memories of making them.

Playboy Mansion FOR SALE: $200 Million… BUT … It Includes HEF!!!