I’m Dreaming of Another Time of Year

Summer has finally arrived in Los Angeles this week. We didn’t even have our portable air conditioners in the windows until July 19th and have barely had to use them since then. We’ve been very very lucky while the rest of the country has sweltered in record breaking heat.

At night, every night this summer, the temps drop to the very low 60s. Run a fan out of the kitchen window and by morning you’re pulling three blankets up over your head.

But now, LA is slowly beginning its annual and inevitable imitation of the surface of Venus. Toxic gases replace the sea breezes and the blistering sun scorches everything it touches.

But I’m thinking of that drive I love to make across the desert to Las Vegas. The Cajon Pass. The chill wind blasting over the landscape.

The top photo is at the far reaches of one of our drives, near Zion National Park in Utah. It was absolutely freezing as the sun set that Saturday night in between Christmas and New Year’s Day. You can see the snow clinging to the faces of the cliffs in the distance.

The bottom images was taken out of the car window near the aforementioned Cajon Pass on the same trip. Snow on mountain tops. Wish I could roll down a window and breathe in some of that cold clean air right now.

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