The First Roll of Film Put Through My Leica M7

Back in mid-2010 and it was Ektar 100 and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing with a Leica rangefinder. The setting was beautiful and I hope that comes through in these humble offerings. But it was contrasty and I knew Ektar is kind of contrasty and that my 50mm 2.0 Summicron is contrasty and this is the first roll of film I’d shot in almost two decades. I had very little confidence that I was getting anything but blown highlights and shadow with detail. It wasn’t that bad, however. I should have been concentrating a little more on composition and using the attributes of the lens. Oh well. I still like them.


  1. Hi Donald,
    These are lovely. There is a very clear and cool feeling to the film and Leica glass. Is this a large format camera?
    Thanks for sending these!

    1. Hi Felice,

      Thank you! Not medium format, just 35mm. And you’re quite welcome. When I got them developed I had them scanned and the scans were horrible. Couple of years later and I’m doing my own scanning and figured give these negatives a try and they came out much nicer.

      Thank you


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