How to take a pretty nice portrait in really bad artificial light…

You can start with a high ISO monster camera like the Nikon D3 and a great pro-zoom like the 24-70 Nikkor 2.8. But I’m sorry, that’s not going to get it done in light as as bad as this was. Color falls apart even on the D3 at a certain point in the higher ISO ranges and especially in gross fluorescents like we see here .

The 2.8 is a help of course. There again, however, and I’m sorry for the equipment-fail negativism, but I think even that great lens has to be stopped down a little bit to be as good as it should be.

What to do?

Well, you have to do things the old fashioned way. Long shutter speed, in this case i believe it was 1/15th of a second, and instructions for everyone to be as still as they possibly can. Just like 150 years ago.

Of course, with a flat Leica rangefinder pancaked against your face, 1/15th of a second is like your comfort zone. lol. No problem on your end, ever.

But with a D3 and THAT monstrosity of a pro-zoom, with all that heavy glass, sticking out 8 inches in front of the camera, huh, just try it. That’s why this picture stands out in my mind as a minor accomplishment.

And don’t forget the instant-after shots when everyone relaxes. Have to have those.

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