Sheri Wilson Dines 1958-2012

We lost Sheri at 12:20 am, Tuesday, August 28th, 2012.

Bernadette and I were with her on Saturday, my birthday, and Sheri was comfortable and serene. She commented that I’d lost weight. I have and so I showed her; walking away from her bed and turning around. “Wow,” she said, almost just mouthing the word.

I came back to her side and trying to be as cheerful as I could told her that I was getting a lot of looks from the young ladies. She muttered something unintelligible.

So I got real close, put my ear just inches away from her lips, and bathed in her pretense of disgust with me; the reality check that was the basis of our friendship, one last time.

“You’re not getting any looks from young ladies.”

And that was the last thing she ever said to me. One last dose of reality.

Sheri knew how much I loved her and how much Bernadette loved her. And we knew how much she loved us. None of that was even a question.

We didn’t spend nearly as much time together as we should have. But LA is like that. You might not see your best friend for a year and she lives two blocks away. Months fly by. I so wish I could have that time back.

I have nothing but love and gratitude for your friendship and devotion, sweetie. You’ll always be with me.



  1. Sheri made everyone around her feel loved. She was a beautiful person in all aspects of the expression. I feel fortunate to have known her these past few years. I am stunned and saddened that Sheri left us so soon.

    1. Romie. I’m happy for you that you were also so fortunate as to have known Sheri.I will always be stunned that Sheri got so sick and passed away. I think disbelief has been an overwhelming basic reaction from the moment of the first phone call. I’ll never be able to get any of that out of my head. I think I met you at UCLA with Sheri when she was getting radiation, no? If so I have a picture of you two somewhere. Thank you and be well.


      1. Yes, that is where we met. I thought Sheri was on the road to recovery. I know how much she loved you and appreciated your being there for her. I would love if you could send me the photos we took. I believe I may have taken a picture or two of you and Sheri with your camera. If so, it would be nice to see those photos too. I will no doubt see you at the memorial next Saturday. I am so sorry that we loss Sheri so quickly and do young.

      2. I hope to see you there, Romie. I of course am stunned and sorry as well that this happened. Even though we knew it was coming and might have thought that Sheri’s passing would bring an end to her suffering, it is still a very hard reality to swallow now that it has actually happened. Thank you for commenting, Romie.

  2. I was a resident at UCLA and Sheri never complained and always did the BEST work she should for us. She never mentioned her illness and always was cheerful. Her attitude is one in which I wish I as well as the rest of the world could follow. If we could learn from her, this world would be such a better place.

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Peter. That thought has crossed my mind the last few days. Sheri actually having passed versus knowing she was going to pass… turns out to feel much different than I thought it would. You think you’re prepared, but you’re not. Not for the finality of knowing someone is gone forever.

      Thank you again,


  3. I’m so sorry for your loss… I’ve lost two people very close to me from cancer in the last year and it’s heartbreaking. My father in law died last October and the day before he passed away he held my hand in his own frail one and said ‘I wish I’d known you better.’ I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life…

    Such a beautiful post…

    1. Thank you, Suzie. And I’m very sorry for both of your losses. This past year has been very difficult. Even this blog. I mean, I don’t really even blog, I just post pictures. But time is starting to do its thing and I’m starting to put things into a perspective that I can live with. We hope, anyway.

      Thank you for sharing and visiting. Wishing you the best.


    1. Thank you and yes, people very much shape us and its important to know who has and in what ways they did it.


      Thank you for your kind thought and for visiting.


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