Three from the Silverlake District of Los Angeles





    1. Thank you, Peter.

      Oh do I really love that 50mm Canadian ‘Cron. It cost me $475. Do you believe that? This after owning new (briefly, you know how it is.) a silver and a black one which I paid new prices for. Same optical design and array, different lens barrel. Same almost too sharp performance, same contrast and color as a brand new lens.

      Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t have named this blog 50’Cron.

      Actually, I am beginning to think their may be an alignment issue or something with my 50’Lux and my M-E. Because it’s just not even in the same ballpark with the razor sharpness of this old’ Cron.

      But… I have another pick up to talk about. An old 90mm 2.8 Elmarit. It has three scratches on this inside element and that’s why they were practically giving it away. I didn’t think that would effect image quality and I was right as I see no sign of a problem caused by those three scratches. But… WOW is the focusing off. I mean at focus on something about 40 feet away and you’re off by another 40 feet. Absolutely hopeless for closer portrait work. I don’t really know what to do about it. If I compensate and just shoot for fun I get some pretty good results but it would be great if the lens performed even in the ballpark with the rangefinder.

      Oh. I paid $100 for the lens. 😉

      hahaha. So I don’t know what to do. If I send it in with my M-E to get the two to play nice together, I’m worried that will effect how my other lenses perform on that camera. This is an area I’m very unfamiliar with.

      Anyway, thank you.


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