1. First, I love the M-E. I know it’s the same camera as the M9, but it doesn’t feel like the same camera to me. My M-E feels more well-manufactured by miles. I have no explanation for that but I was a fairly early buyer of the M9. I can’t imagine they didn’t refine their manufacturing over the course of three years. Quality control, etc.

      I have an order in for it the new M. I don’t really want to step into anything here with negative comments about Leica’s new baby. The reviews have been glowing. I wanted the CMOS sensor. I would prefer professional standard colors and tonality and high ISO performance ala Canon and Nikon. But I’m very close to canceling my order. I just don’t see what I would have liked to see. The images just look funny to me. I like the fact that they are softer in their tonality, but I’ve yet to see just flat out professional looking results. We should be gasping at the quality images that camera produces. Remember the Nikon D2x. Hello. Canon Rebels. Show me spectacular color already.

      Sorry. It’s probably just me. But I think Leica or whomever has their hands on the new M needs to get out there and come back with reds and blues and shots of neon etc. I’m still feeling like I’m buying blind if allow my order to go through.

      Thanks for looking!

  1. Thanks for the reply. I agree with your sentiments exactly on one hand I want the new flexibility iso and colors etc however so far it does not grab me , I’m ready to order but have not been sold so far.. Enjoying your blog keep up th great work

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