It’s Chinatown, Jake…

Great article on LA’s Chinatown and the decline and changes that have occurred there in the last two decades. Read it here.

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  1. I think this group is some of your best stuff–even with the Zeiss glass. I appreciated the link to the LA Times article. Our paper just ran an AP article about the decline of Washington, DC’s Chinatown (I was born in DC and grew up inside the Beltway). Very synchronistic. I look forward to your continuing journey which I enjoy vicariously.

    1. Thank you, David! It means a lot to hear that. You know, I’m about Zeiss’d out. It was great to use the lens again, as I had used it pretty much non-stop for almost two years on my M7 and since I’d gone digital again I really hadn’t given it a chance. It’s got a lot of amazing qualities, color, sharpness, contrast, ease of use, straight lines, etc. And of course a 1.5 aperture. But I’ve got to decide on one 50mm and I think I like the 50 Summicron better even with it’s 2.0 max aperture. Also, I haven’t given up on my 50’Lux either… but I’m going to shoot the 50 ‘Cron for a good month or two before I pull out the ‘Lux again.

      Our cities are changing. For sure. But the DNA of American cities doesn’t change, unfortunately. Complicated subject there.

      Thanks again.


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