Rocco’s Pizza, Wilshire Blvd



    1. 🙂

      Edward Hopper … just looked him up. You should too—lots of similarities to this photo and some others you’ve posted. His paintings might be an inspiration.

  1. Thank you, Godfrey. Both Hopper and Hockney have been influences and inspirations for a very long time. But honestly, it hasn’t been until this past year I would say that it has started to show up in my images. I’ve wanted to make these kinds of images. But it wasn’t really until I got the 90 Elmarit that I started seeing myself as having a tool that put that precise visual stamp on a scene. The 50 Summicron is also a lens that lends itself to making this sort of image. And then if you believe you have the tool in your hands to make a certain look of picture… then you start looking for those pictures and have the vision and confidence to shoot them.

    Thank you for visiting, guy.


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