Riding on Air With the 50’Lux – Part One

Sometimes I don’t use a particular Leica lens for a while, maybe just to see if I could live without it. Well, of course I could live without any or all of them. But I’m not sure you could call that living. (winking!)

Anyway. I hadn’t shot this website’s namesake lens for a couple of months. I was just loving my 50mm Summicron (Canada) that much, along with the incredible 90mm Elmarit 2.8.

Every time I go back to a lens I’ve been neglecting, it always seems to let me know what kind of fool I really am. The 50’Lux came down hard and lovely on my conscience. Color is different from every other lens. I’ve called it ‘comic book’ color and I stand by that, although these images which are processed might not show that aspect as well as the RAW files.

It may not be quite as sharp as either of my ‘Crons, or quite have that classic Leica sizzle. But the Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH is the Scarlet Johansson of camera lenses. Overwhelmingly smooth and delicious. You really have to click on the images here to see a larger version to see how amazing this lens is.

These were all shot yesterday, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, on a relatively short ride around certain parts of Los Angeles. Happy to be able to take you all along with us. Me and Scarlet that is. (winking, again!)
20130915-L1028981 20130915-L1029031 20130915-L1029059


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