Tales From the New Year World

20131222-L1038246-Edit-Edit-2Apologies for the title.

But everything about this subject reminds me of a figure on the cover of one of the old school books that inhabited the attic of our house in my childhood. I loved those books. Somehow, when I was actually in school, books weren’t nearly as interesting. In fact, they weren’t interesting at all. I mean really. Not. Interesting. 😉

But this stoic woman’s posture, leaning forward, her left arm laying across her body, bracing her stance against… well… the wind from a passing Bentley maybe, her other arm securing a back pack (my imagination, it’s probably a Michael Kors handbag), her hardy countenance, etc.

Maybe it’s the time of year. Me thinking about the coming year and all the possibilities and plans I have for 2014. Making my own adventures in the new world a reality. All those things.


Happy New Year!


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