1. Thank you, Kimberly! I do love the shot. The layering, the bent light reflection as a backdrop. The exotic dress of the ladies behind the bench and the mundane touristy garb of the two on the bus stop bench. Thanks again!

  1. Many things to discover. Buildings, lightning, elbows, parking space. What are we doing throughout the day, so many things, always busy….with ‘something’ 😀

    1. Thank you, Rosa. You know it’s funny that you should bring those things up because half of my fascination with street photography and especially older photographs is taking in the details of human daily life exhibited in those images. What I’ve been doing for the last dozen or so years is a lot of simply capturing a street view of life here in LA at that moment. Certainly I’m also doing other things but sometimes that alone is enough. Anyway.

      Thanks again!


      1. Those apparantly ‘not important’ or even ‘lost’ moments are also very intresting to me, street life and street photography are able to unveal those more ‘natural’ states of mind (and body) we can all find ourselves in for a good part of the day. I wonder if life mainly exists of intermezzos…even if we would like to deny that. 😀

      2. Sorry for the slow response, Rosa. Replying on the iPhone (which I did right after I got this) is a shaky proposition. Anyway. Intermezzos. Just so aptly put. When they do encompass faces and postures in the backgrounds that reveal maybe the psychological state of mind or something about the lives people are living or what they’re thinking… foreground or background, I do live for those photographs. Far more than I do for someone who has a pathological need to create a great composition. I love those kinds of shots, too. But… there’s a place in photography or a purpose that simply encompasses elements like great composition… but doesn’t treat it like the moon and the stars. Anyway. I’m probably not making much sense… except to myself. 😉 Thank you for visiting!


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