1. I like them all, but the first one is really great. Maybe funny to say after our ‘conversation’ the other day, but it is the composition 😀 that is really incredible!, the things you did with the light and shadows and the lines. And I am not saying this to be nice. (So be aware. :p )

    1. Extremely happily. Thank you for asking. I’m going to do a post on my camera and lenses and how happy I am, finally, with my gear and what that state of mind is like to be finally satisfied with your equipment. Anyway. Thank you again!


      1. Great to hear. I’m looking forward to getting the camera in my hands. It is definitely a process finding exactly the right gear. Sure, they all take pictures, but there are so many other factors involved! I’ve loved Leica ever since I first held my M3. Cheers.

      2. There were a million new cameras 2013. But these Leica digitals, and especially the M-E, is a camera in the sense that your M3 is a camera. The more new camera designs that come out the more this is, to me, a true camera, in the tradition of what cameras were before digital. Get an M-E. you’ll never look back.

  2. So, Donald, you already know how much I like the first photograph from my emailed note to you. I am writing now with a question about image #5 – the one with the woman in red waving, I assume, at you. Is that person in the shadows standing in a doorway, or is he part of a large advertisement? I cannot tell. He could be real, or he could not be. He is looking straight ahead, but with the look of a model on a page….I see a tetecaster next to him, and it
    appears to be on display, so my thought was the man is standing in a doorway. Do tell, please. The shadow effect is good.

    1. lol. it’s a large image, on of many, on the store front of the guitar center. it fools me every time. that woman is a very real character though. for years she’s roamed Pico Blvd asking everyone she meets “what’s your heritage?”

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