1. So I don’t know if you want to know what these images evoke, but it’s this: “yuck, when is the bus gonna be here? I can’t wait to board it and feel the tangible despair and hopelessness in the air,” then “oh, look, they found something to be happy about,” to “why is he carrying a hat if he already is wearing two hats? he must have shoplifted something under that jacket” to “oh, look, flowers! hope is back.” But keep in mind I’m judgmental and harsh.

  2. I see a woman, keeping her hand over her purse in a defense pose, not too terribly comfortable standing there beside Mr Shifty Eyes. (1) In #2 I see a guy who glimpsed a chick flashing her ta-tas as she flew by in a passing car—and he’s asking if that other person saw it too, as if “WTF?” (3) I see traffic is rather light at this time of day, no need for pedestrians to appear grumpy, although they appear wishy-washy, like traffic probably wouldn’t bug them either way. (4) Flower guy just figuring out that this location might be okay some other day, but for now…not so much.

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