New Dimensions


Well, as we can all see (I hope) there’s been some changes around here.

I’d been meaning (why am I talking like a Downton Abbey character?) to experiment at some point with changing the theme but I have to say, the Chunk theme was (and maybe will still be) an amazing look from which to present my photography. I just needed something clean and elegant (at some point in my life 😉 ) and this WordPress blog and that theme gave me a great lift and I’m not sure at all that I won’t change right back to it after just a few days.

But… you know… the images were small. And in order to see the images in any proper display you had to click on them and load them individually. This new theme style ‘Suit’ shows the images at a much larger size and they’re also sharp at that resolution, something that could not be said for the way they displayed in Chunk.

There was something off in the color in the header area of Chunk that was or seemed to be impossible to fix. Whatever. I still love the elegance of that theme and it may be back before most anyone knows it was ever given a day or two off. Anyway. Let me know, if you feel like it, what any of you think of the new look around here. I actually hope to make more material changes as well as just cosmetic but that’s for another day.

As always, thank you for visiting!


  1. Honestly, I like the old theme’s design better, but I like how this theme allows the images to be larger… I’m torn between the two! 😛

    But they’re both nice.


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