Musical Interlude: Moving to Montana

Another REPOST of one of my little iPad Garageband ditties. Always very influenced by the music of Frank Zappa, I recreated a Montana guitar solo groove, a funky nasty little pocket to jam over in F# minor, and played my Gibson ES-335 through a little Vox Valvetronic bedroom amp. I need to do more of this in my spare time. I’ve been playing the guitar now for about 48 years. Probably won’t be able to tell from this, though. 😉


  1. If I were you, I wouldn’t apologize for my guitar skills. This is a pretty cool cut. I was hearing Ray Manzarec on the keyboard and more than a little Steely Dan and Santana on the guitar. Now, if you can do all of that, you are in atmospheric company. I envy your talents.

  2. Zappa hails from my little town…at least he went to High School here…they are currently debating (again) whether he should finally grace the school’s hall of fame…why the hell shouldn’t he? My God!

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