Miss Thai Town Los Angeles 2014

L1050176-Edit-2 L1050168-Edit L1050184-Edit L1050089-Edit L1049969-Edit L1049978-Edit L1049942-Edit L1049957-Edit L1050141-Edit L1050142-Edit


  1. Hi Donald, my name is Nan and I am the runner-up in the second picture. Your photos are beautiful! Would you happen to have more pictures from the festival?

    1. Yes, Nan, I do have more images and I believe some very good ones of you as well. And thank you. Let me take a look and see exactly what I have and email them to you.

  2. I’ve been there and also took few pictures, but yours are just great! I’m happy I found them! Would like to see more pictures from the festival, if you have them somewhere!

    1. I might have enough for a second round. And thank you very much. I can see this is a very special event for everyone there. Happy to have helped document it for everyone.

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