Leica 90mm f2.8 Elmarit

Man stalks the urban jungle… (repost)


I always feel like somebody’s watching me


Wilshire Blvd Gatsby – Redo


Frappuccino Pirates – Reposted


Hooray for Hollywood – Repost


At any moment, it will always still be the 1920s in Hollywood. The light will never change. There’s nothing like the light in California. Throw on the right costume on the right bodice and hit the DNG with the right vintage black and white filter and anyone can be Mary Pickford. If only for a moment. The girl with the tattoo? That’s another story entirely.

Camera Corner – Repost


I shot an M7 with tons of drug store film for two years, scanned the negatives with a Plustek scanner. I think that impacts or influences my choices in post processing. Images like this look a lot like some of my film scans in similar light. Colors are maybe a little punchier. They don’t, at all, look like or remotely even remind me of the color results I got from my M9.

You’d have to ask the manufacturer of the camera as to why that might be. 😉

There seems to be so much mystery surrounding this subject in terms of clear and exact information from Leica. But that’s okay. I don’t care.  For the most part, I remain very happy with the color results I get from my M-E. Every once in a while I seem to run up against a dead end where I can’t seem to shake the weird color casts, but that’s actually rather a rare occurrence. Happy times!


All That And He Reads Books, Too. Reposted!


Hollywood Blonde – Reposted


For me a breakthrough image taken and posted here early in 2013. One of the first images where I was able to come up with the approach to color that suits me and this type of shot in this light… but also one of the first shots from my Leica Elmarit 90mm f2.8, which is a gem of a lens in terms of color and overall look. Anyway, thanks for looking!

Proof of Heaven – A Crop From Three Years Ago


Must be Accompanied by a Parent or Guardian


The Anti-Norman Rockwell in me strikes again.

LA Woman Sunday Afternoon


Miss Thai Town Los Angeles 2014

L1050176-Edit-2 L1050168-Edit L1050184-Edit L1050089-Edit L1049969-Edit L1049978-Edit L1049942-Edit L1049957-Edit L1050141-Edit L1050142-Edit

As Seen On Oscars Weekend

20140301-L1045079-Edit 20140301-L1045146-Edit 20140301-L1045111-Edit 20140302-L1045236-Edit 20140302-L1045179-Edit 20140302-L1045230-Edit 20140302-L1045255-Edit 20140302-L1045247-Edit 20140302-L1045335-Edit 20140302-L1045338-Edit 20140302-L1045308-Edit 20140302-L1045314-Edit

City People


No great shakes here. More like a feeling. All these images were taken this past Saturday and Sunday. Seems to me that LA has shed the tourists and the holiday spirit and settled into itself once again. It’s a colder place than it was a month ago. Anyway, there’s a lot of shots. I do try to give anyone who visits here their money’s worth.

I left the last image, the stunning blonde sitting at a distance in the cafe , so that the image can be clicked on and examined at a larger resolution. It’s not a great or meaningful photograph. I posted it because I find it amazing sometimes what unlikely things you can do with a Leica pressed flat against your face. Thanks for looking!

20140208-L1043272-Edit 20140208-L1043276-Edit 20140208-L1043277-Edit 20140208-L1043288-Edit 20140208-L1043291-Edit 20140208-L1043310-Edit 20140208-L1043312-Edit 20140208-L1043325-Edit 20140208-L1043330-Edit 20140208-L1043401-Edit 20140208-L1043431-Edit 20140208-L1043445-Edit 20140209-L1043496-Edit 20140209-L1043519-Edit 20140209-L1043529-Edit 20140209-L1043557-Edit 20140209-L1043669-Edit

Dreams We Keep To Ourselves

20140118-L1042107-Edit 20140118-L1042113-Edit 20140116-L1042003-Edit 20140118-L1042116-Edit

Proof of Heaven


Okay, the thing is, it’s here on Earth and it’s just for some lucky guy down in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, CA. But there it is. And we can all experience heaven vicariously through him, right?

Actually, I’m pretty much in heaven shooting this Leica 90mm Elmarit 2.8. Oh yes I am. This image above is actually a crop of the one below.

Now I could have cropped to the blonde in the thong. Yes, she is blonde and she is wearing a thong. Then many of you would probably be in heaven for a moment or two. But you’d hate yourselves later and I wouldn’t want that. 😉


Catedral de la Fe Los Angeles


Leica M-E Feasts on Color