I always feel like somebody’s watching me



  1. Thank you, John. I love this image. This is a moment and an angle, a subject in an environment … never happened before and never will happen again. Both the modern smoked glass and the woman in her ‘foxy’ stockings… showing their age. Once great… now with some wear and tear. The street light and traffic sensor (?) staring down imperviously on the scene. But nothing “witty” or pathologically composed. I don’t really do ‘witty’ and I’m very cognizant of the distraction and imposition that overly concerned composition can be. It’s like a film director who falls in love with his own angles and frames so that you become too aware of the director instead of falling seamlessly into the story. So… I’m rambling.

    Stay tuned. The best is yet to come. 😉 I’ve got stuff pre-scheduled to post daily that is I think amazing.

    1. Love it that you are so committed to your work……….and it clearly shows in the photos……….I stopped and stared at this one……..it is quite special…..looking forward to what comes next..

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