As Seen On Oscars Weekend

20140301-L1045079-Edit 20140301-L1045146-Edit 20140301-L1045111-Edit 20140302-L1045236-Edit 20140302-L1045179-Edit 20140302-L1045230-Edit 20140302-L1045255-Edit 20140302-L1045247-Edit 20140302-L1045335-Edit 20140302-L1045338-Edit 20140302-L1045308-Edit 20140302-L1045314-Edit


  1. I love that old man…he’s so concerned that his lady’s dress is dragging along…probably pissed about the bucks he spent for her to “appear” in that finery all so she could ruin it on the commoner’s sidewalk…lmao.

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