City People


No great shakes here. More like a feeling. All these images were taken this past Saturday and Sunday. Seems to me that LA has shed the tourists and the holiday spirit and settled into itself once again. It’s a colder place than it was a month ago. Anyway, there’s a lot of shots. I do try to give anyone who visits here their money’s worth.

I left the last image, the stunning blonde sitting at a distance in the cafe , so that the image can be clicked on and examined at a larger resolution. It’s not a great or meaningful photograph. I posted it because I find it amazing sometimes what unlikely things you can do with a Leica pressed flat against your face. Thanks for looking!

20140208-L1043272-Edit 20140208-L1043276-Edit 20140208-L1043277-Edit 20140208-L1043288-Edit 20140208-L1043291-Edit 20140208-L1043310-Edit 20140208-L1043312-Edit 20140208-L1043325-Edit 20140208-L1043330-Edit 20140208-L1043401-Edit 20140208-L1043431-Edit 20140208-L1043445-Edit 20140209-L1043496-Edit 20140209-L1043519-Edit 20140209-L1043529-Edit 20140209-L1043557-Edit 20140209-L1043669-Edit


    1. Funny you should say that. We were watching a Knicks/Clippers game on TV from the Garden a few weeks ago… and we fairly often go to Clippers games here in LA and watch the rest on TV as well… and I was SO struck by the people in the first dozen or so rows in NY in comparison to LA’s crowd. Sort of the opposite impression (if you’re talking about personal style of people in the images and not the photographers themselves, which would be interesting as well). Everyone in the New York crowd looked like faculty at Colombia, the women all looked like magazine editors, etc. But in LA, lol, the guys, even older, look like hip-hopsters and the women… well… NOT to be blunt… gold diggers or worse. But they wear this whole hip-hop fashion trend of the moment quite obviously… blanketed in it. Contrastingly, the New York crowd looked a lot like the folks in my images here. Anyway. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Thank you. I use an undisciplined mix of zone focusing and viewfinder. But as the light goes down and the aperture opens up, depth of field becomes much more of an issue, mostly then I’m focusing through the viewfinder.

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