Nuno Moreira “State Of Mind” – Top Photography Films

“I’m not interested in knowing how the picture will look like either. I trust the machine and my own acquired abilities to do that. I’m much more interested in discovering things around me and noticing what is slightly off-reality or disconnected.” – Nuno Moreira State of Mind

Nuno Moreira (born 1982 in Lisbon) is a Portuguese art director and photographer presently living in Tokyo, Japan. He has a degree in cinema. In this interview he talks about his recently published photography book “State of Mind”.

Read a complete and pretty fantastic interview with Nuno Moreira here…

Nuno Moreira “State Of Mind” – Top Photography Films.


  1. I’m enjoying these segments quite a lot, Donald. Thanks for posting. I love that quote – so true. The article you link to is excellent as well and definitely worth the time to check out.

    1. Thank you, Mike. It’s a lot of fun posting this stuff. Not as much fun as taking pictures but it is gratifying selecting these and passing them along. It gives me some variety to the experience of having this blog.

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