1. Thank you, Rosa! I love it myself. As far as what’s going on… and this is a response to Chris’s question also… um… I don’t know. lol. The moments that photography captures can seem to be of something entirely different or far beyond what is actually happening… or not happening… which is why no one knows better than a photographer than pictures can lie. Nevertheless all the elements of an image combined with who WE are as viewers can make an image strike a certain ‘note.’ There’s a lot of cultural truth in that image no matter what else isn’t actually there that we might think or imagine is there.

        My reading of it, however, is pretty much inspired by the song lyric by the Doors that I used for the title. The guy’s posture and body language. The women in relation TO him. He is in motion and in a very self assured cocky way. They are passive but kind of powerful bystanders. They’re essential to his gestures and body language and his presence at least according to my reading of them. There’s a tremendous amount of tension between the individuals and that’s why Chris would even ask, Man, what’s going on there? We’re human beings… we can see that tension.

        I love this image. That’s why I didn’t post it in a group of images. The song lyric ties to it the reading of the picture as I see it and how I would want others to see the shot. Most good song lyrics and titles are psychological and if there’s anything that can be said about what I’m attempting to do with my photography it’s that I’m trying to take pictures that offer the possibility of a reading, real or imagined, of the psychology, state of mind, life etc. of the people in my images.

        One last thing. This can apply many times and in many places to other shots of mine and song titles. First… lyrics are evocative things that create images and atmospheres in all of our minds. They’re kind of universal. But I think that there may be a tendency in all of us to take the image of say someone in a song and idealize that someone. So Dani California is this young gorgeous person or mr mojo can only be jim morrison, rock god, etc.

        I’ve got a little more of a Raymond Carver world view and California view. So mister mojo can be a guy who lives in a very humble house in an iffy part of town, not surrounded by supermodels, but by his wife and neighbors… and you know.. they can all be just as much of a piece of work as a rock star.

        Anyway. Thanks and that’s all I can tell you. lol.

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