1. First, thank you, Kim. I never got closer to them than the frame would suggest. I liked the light and colors and the man had a movie star look for a person who appeared also to be down on his luck. The social juxtaposition is, of course, the story in the image. It’s not the only shot I took of them but I’m lucky to have gotten one that I think captures the casualness of their interaction. It’s Santa Monica. Of course an elderly white woman is casually talking to a person of color who might be living on the street. Where I come from… not so much. So that aspect will always strike me and I hope I’m able to photograph things that represent my own sense of surprise or wonderment (those might be too strong of terms). One thing I always try to be aware of is that things I might be blasé about because I live here in this city would be striking to me if I’d never lived here. That’s not easy. I don’t know that this image represents that but I’m sure it would for some people. I think that’s pretty much all I can say about the subjects of this image. Thank you for visiting!

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