Blur from the Past


I have to admit I’m burning out on the street photography I’ve been doing for the last few years. So there’s probably going to be a lot of blasts from the pasts here on for quite some time. Anything and everything.

Here, with a color goosing and frame filter from Exposure 5 is an absolutely ancient digital image that I actually have framed on my living room wall. I don’t know why but there was a time when shooting blur pictures at night had a magic feel to it.

Taken so long ago with a Nikon Coolpix 950. 😉


  1. I like it!
    Sounds like it’s time to concentrate on new things while getting your street book together, eh? ]’-)

    1. Oh, yes. Except you know digging out the old images is a lot of work. Drives are unreliable. PCs are slow. Not to mention my tenuous internet service. Technical issues end up taking a lot of time. But right now, I’m just really kind of needing to remember that I can and have done other things with a camera and also start thinking about doing many other new things. I hope to learn a lot just going through the process of having a print made for exhibition and (it’s hoped) sale as a piece of contemporary photographic art. My goal is to not only put a book together but to be able to generate first rate prints for sale from this or some other online site. Once my image is on the wall at the LACP exhibition… I should have time to concentrate on this stuff. Right now… not so much. Thanks for your encouragement, always, Godfrey. It’s much appreciated.

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