Detroit Street Photographers at Marianne Boesky and Marlborough Chelsea Galleries

“Another Look at Detroit: Parts 1 and 2,” which opens Thursday and runs through Aug. 8 at the Marianne Boesky and Marlborough galleries, takes place at a crucial turning point for a city that has had so many illusory turning points over the years. The city’s federal bankruptcy case heads to trial in mid-August, a reckoning that will give Detroit a fresh start but will also determine the fate of the Detroit Institute of Arts, whose collection, under siege by the city’s creditors, has become the symbolic heart of the battle between Detroit’s financial future and its cultural past.

via Detroit Artists at Marianne Boesky and Marlborough Chelsea Galleries –


    1. You know, I just discovered something last night. Google maps has reshot their street view images, throughout the United States. Or at least in all the places that I’ve checked. And they’ve done it with far better resolution and sharper more colorful camera equipment. The result is literally sublime. Horrible. Amazing, scary. To see what has happened to this country.

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