Prints for Sale Here!

This page is just a teaser! Please check back here in the very near future to go to the actual Purchase Prints page where images I have selected will be available to be purchased as prints. I will be adding many more images to these in time and if there are any that you have seen that you would like to purchase a print of please feel free to contact me regarding those.

Thank you so much for your interest and support if you have any questions at all contact me here.

Donald Barnat


    1. Oh! No wonder I’m not selling any prints from here! lol. 1st. Please tell me which shots you’re interested and I’ll post them to the site I use for clients. And thank you for letting me know that the links are no longer working. I had intended to do a massive upload of my street shots to the client site so that images could be downloaded or prints made and I’ll get right on that.

      Thanks and look forward to hearing what shots you want.

      Thank you


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