Prints for Sale Here!

This page is just a teaser! Please check back here in the very near future to go to the actual Purchase Prints page where images I have selected will be available to be purchased as prints. I will be adding many more images to these in time and if there are any that you have seen that you would like to purchase a print of please feel free to contact me regarding those.

Thank you so much for your interest and support if you have any questions at all contact me here.

Donald Barnat


    1. Oh! No wonder I’m not selling any prints from here! lol. 1st. Please tell me which shots you’re interested and I’ll post them to the site I use for clients. And thank you for letting me know that the links are no longer working. I had intended to do a massive upload of my street shots to the client site so that images could be downloaded or prints made and I’ll get right on that.

      Thanks and look forward to hearing what shots you want.

      Thank you


    1. Thank you, Miranda, for your persistence and patience. I’ve had the flu for the last couple of weeks and have been very slow to move.

      BUT you will today find that the links on the purchase page ALL actually go to my online store (which I have finally, thanks to your nudging, put together for my street photography) and that the links work. I haven’t ironed out one wrinkle but it probably won’t be a problem if you’re only looking to order prints. If you are looking for digital downloads of the files only, please locate that in the price sheet under the ‘cart’ icon, just as if you’re ordering a print.

      Please note also that, at the moment, I only have located a medium sized resolution copy of the ‘Girl Not on Bike’ image. I’m working on digging up the original so I wouldn’t make a print of that shot that’s over 5×7 and I also wouldn’t charge you anything for a digital medium res copy of that image. But if you’re patient a little longer I should be able to access a full res version of that and upload it to the online store within a day.

      Also, you will doubtless notice that the only images in the store at the moment are the ones that you specified an interest in. This collection of images available for purchase or download will be growing very quickly as I access my drives with the full versions of my street work so please keep an eye out for all of that to happen. And again, thank you for your interest and your patience. If you have any questions or issues with the process please let me know and thank you there for being a beta tester for my online store.

      Thank you!


      1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell! I hope you’re feeling much better now.
        Congratulations on your new online store! I am so excited to be a beta tester! I had no idea it was a brand new store 😀
        This is so exciting 😀 I can’t wait to purchase some of them! I will buy some at the end of the month 😀
        Thank you very much 🙂
        I am very excited to see some of my favourite pictures on there! And I am looking forward to buying them, and seeing what else you put up for sale too 😀 I have bookmarked your shop so that I can check back regularly 😀
        Lots of love from Miranda ❤ xxx

      2. So absolutely grateful for the enthusiasm and support for my images, Miranda. You actually kicked me into a gear that moved me forward. Thank you. Sharing this wonderful message now.


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