Boys & Girls Clubs of L.A. Need Your Vote!

I have some photographic experience with the Boys & Girls Clubs here in the Los Angeles area, they provide a wonderful and oh-so important group club foundation for kids who we all know very much need it.

A few years ago the WNBA and Jamba Juice partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica for a kid’s fitness awareness event and I was privileged enough to photograph it with my two film Leica cameras, the M7 and the M6 TTL. Film is a gas. The kids were great! Hope you enjoy the photo mosaic!

But more than that, I hope you follow the links below and vote for the Los Angeles Center of Photography’s grant application to teach photography to the Boys & Girls Clubs here in LA.

I did it!

It was easy. “Join” with your Facebook or Twitter account. I’ve only met Julia Dean once but it was very clear how down-to-earth and personable she is and I can’t think of a better person to teach photography to kids in LA.

If you haven’t heard….

The Los Angeles Center of Photography has applied for a $100,000 grant to help teach LA’s Boys & Girls Clubs photography. To win the grant requires votes from friends of both photography and kids!

More from the LACP:

There are 51 proposals in our category and right now, we’re in 20th place. We must be in the top 10 for a chance to win. (The committee selects the winner from the top 10.) Our proposal outlines a yearlong photography program in LA’s Boys & Girls Clubs. The grant is meant for non-profits with projects that will help create a better LA, now and in the future. VOTING ends on November 3.

PLEASE VOTE!!! It will take only five minutes. Here is how to do it:

1. Go to:

2. Hit the hot pink tab that reads VOTE IN THE MYLA2050 GRANTS CHALLENGE

3. Choose a Submission Category (Our proposal is under CREATE)

4. Now you have to sign up. Signing up is easy. See the top right corner of the LA2050 home page, where it reads, “Join.”

5. Then find our project (you will see a picture of me in a classroom with the Boys & Girls Club kids) and VOTE for LACP’s proposal!

6. You will then get an email confirming your vote. (This may take up to an hour to get this, so don’t fret.) You have to click on the link in this email to confirm your vote.


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