Nikon D70: My First DSLR – Reposted

Copy - DSC_0021I’m going through some archive realignment ordeals lately but the upside is I am relocating older images as I go. These were all taken the few months with what was then a really hot number, Nikon’s big splash in the consumer enthusiast DSLR market, a camera that was a true game changer, the D70. Anyone remember custom tone curves?

Here are some of the shots I’ve always remembered for various reasons.





  1. I don’t quite know how you achieve it Donald but you seem to manage to generate an empathy with your subject matter. They always seem to be very personal statements…
    Thanks for posting them!

    1. Thank so much for recognizing that and commenting, John. it is, so much for me, about something that’s going on inside the heads or lives of the people in my pictures. Maybe it’s just something I’m imagining but, as I’ve said before, if I see it, and I imagine it, and I photograph what I see and imagine, and it still there looking at the image, then I believe in what I’ve done. Thank you again.

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