Black and white night shots with the Leica M-E


The issues shooting the Leica M9/M-E sensor at higher ISOs are well documented. But it should also be well documented that, when shooting black and white, you can forget those noise concerns almost entirely.  I very often will shoot JPEG FINE mode on the b&w setting when I make that decision to shoot b&w. I like the way they look and I always have since my first M9. I’ll tell the story of how I came to love shooting b&w JPEGs straight out of the camera some other time. But I love them. And at 18 megapixels in b&w, how much image data do you need? That was my attitude three years ago and it’s still my attitude today. Much more on that sometime soon.

20130210-L1004701 20130210-L1004730 20130210-L1004739


  1. Very true. When I use my Nikon Series E 35mm lens in black and white, some how all the reported (and observed) issues (sharpness e.g.) become advantages. it draws beautiful creamy images.

    1. Absolutely. And hey, I can’t post digital shots, blur, out of focus, motion blur, etc. here that people would say are great images if they were shot on film. But maybe on the black and white mode…

      thanks for visiting!

  2. Yes the Leica M-E has such an annoying ISO range as compared to the rest of the cameras!
    But a steady hand and a slow shutter speed goes a long way(:

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