Weekend Forecast: More May Gray in L.A.

More old Nikon street photography. Not as old as most of the stuff from last week. These were from the Nikon DSLR days. D70, D2Hs, my favorite, the almost disposable (I had two) D80, the mighty D3, and the D700. Oh, and in there somewhere was a D200. 😉


  1. These are so good! I have to say that there are three really jumping out; an old lady with sunglasses with a light blue suit kind of chanellish. strong composition! 2 man, one woman (indian?) it looks like you took it so quickly. it says diner in de window reflection. and the one that I love is the one with the three folks on their bikes. it’s sooo relaxed, it looks like they are not really posing. They are just relaxed. Makes me want to go back to those times. Oh my to many words written here. have to go. take care. B.

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