How About Something Non-Controversial for a Change?

Two shots of light coming through the trees reflecting off the creek that runs through the Muir Woods National Monument in the San Francisco Bay area. Leica M7 with the 50mm Summilux 1.4 ASPH and Walgreens 200 film.


    1. Thank you, Rommel. You’re very kind. This isn’t really my thing but I’d love to try more of it. Thank you for the encouragement but your pictures struck me as very nice work in kind of a tough place to photograph.

    1. thank you, peter. not exactly my comfort zone out in the wild and shooting film but I had a few ideas and they came through. the problem was I didn’t continue and really capture something special. but that’s the problem or adjustment of coming from digital and being able to check and make adjustments and take pictures over and over again. You don’t really know if the first two shots are revealing that you’re wasting your time or if they’re capturing magic. You have to learn to just assume that magic is happening and keep going. Oh well. Thanks again.


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